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Hello everybody! I'm am very sorry to leave you without updates so long! Thing is, this year was extremely busy for me. And with me I mean the selfappointed beverage dictator that is chief Bring and buy.

Not only was I very busy with my final year of my study (I passed!) I also got very sick and had to undergo sugery. This also went fine!

All these things combined I found it hard to update the website, I'm sorry for this. I also hope to move the website to a .nl adress sometime soon.  More on that on a later time. I do hope you understand!


But we haven't been dead, haven't we? Nope!

Late 2011 we had two new conventions to visit; Nishicon and MGC. Both are amazing! We had a great time doing the Bring and Buy there.

We had an amazing time at YaYcon, this April. What a wonderfull convention that was! Even though it's a special intrest convention, it still was a blast for all of us! Even the crew members that like their manga yaoi/yuri free.

Finally we went internatinal when we visited Atsusacon in Belgium. This was their second time hosting this event and it was alot of fun. Belgium people are so nice! 

Are you excited for any of these conventions? Then visit their both at Abunai, which will be held this Friday, we'll also be there! You can also click on the 'convention' button above and it'll lead you to their websites!

We hope to see you all this Friday at Abunai! and give you all a big hug! Thanks to you we've been in business for 3 years now! 


Bring & Buy

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